Laseral 100W Fiber lazer

Trotec SP500 CO2

■We have two laser cutting and marking machines: Trotec SP500 CO2 and Laseral 100W fiber laser.

Marking, cutting and engraving works on plastic, rubber and metal materials are done using these machines.


It removes the cost of molds in part manufacturing.
Provides fast and economical solutions in prototype studies.
Many different cutting jobs can be done in a shorter time.
High speed cutting can be done without touching the material.
It is ensured that there is no heat-induced changes on the cut material.
It can be cut without burrs.
It is suitable for flexible production.
Can be worked with minimum waste compared to the press mold.
Compared to press manufacturing, it is ensured that the deformation on the sheet metal is minimized.
Writing and marking on the sheet is provided.
Marking of bending axes can be done.