Plastic injection is a manufacturing method that involves shaping the plastic raw material melted with the aid of temperature by injecting it into a mold and removing it from the mold by cooling. Small components can be produced with this method.


With 2 horizontal and 1 vertical injection within our company, we produce in military standards in sizes / colors, especially ULTEM, PEEK, ABS.


To summarize our production stages simply,

1- Mold closing; It is the unit that combines the two sides (female and male) of the injection mold.

2- Using Raw Material (Melting); The heaters at the top of the bucket heat the barrel, screw and raw material. As the screw is rotating, the raw material is squeezed between the pitches, rubbing and also generating heat. The raw material in the form of powder, granule, flexible melt, high viscosity melt or semi-hard paste that is walking on the rotating screw gradually melts and passes through the rocket group at the end of the screw and begins to accumulate in front of the screw.

3- Injection; It is the stage where the raw material accumulated in front of the screw is injected into the combined mold. Pressure is provided with a certain pressure and the raw material is sent to the mold.

4- Taking product with the propellant; It is the removal of the injected product from the mold with the help of a propellant. If deemed necessary, cooling can be added to this stage.

5- It is the stage that highlights difference of Bil-Plas, The polishing process of the produced materials is carried out by expert staff. Packed after quality control.